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Beautiful Manaslu Trek lies in Manaslu Region. The eight highest mountain peak in the world i.e. Mount Manaslu lies in this region. The height of the mountain is 8163m. The famous trek Manaslu Trek is named after this might mountain. This trekking offers trekkers to explore the glorious view of Mount Manaslu. This region contains various flora and fauna and most diverse cultural spectrum influenced from Tibet mixed with typical Nepalese culture and tradition. Therefore, the area is one of the best trekking destinations of Nepal.

Manaslu trekking is fascinating trekking since we climb to the foot of the northern side of Manaslu Mountain. The stunning panorama view of mountains will certainly be welcoming every trekker in that trail. Along with magnificent views of the eight tallest mountains in the world we get marvelous opportunity to witness the local culture and tradition and biological diversity of that region. The most dramatic pass crossing the Himalayas is the ‘Larkya La Pass’ which is the highest point in this trek. Like other trekking trails this one is also the challenging one since the trekking at altitudes above 3000m/10,000ft is more demanding on the body than walking at low altitudes and elevations. This region is occupied by Manaslu Conservation Area as well where we can get the chance to see blue sheep. Anyone who is fit can do Manaslu Trek and it is getting much easier year by year with the facilities available in that region. This trek is not so long and extreme one. About 3 to 4 villages of this region offer internet access as well. Food and Lodge in this region is surprisingly good and reasonable price as well. Proper electricity facilities with free of cost helps trekkers to recharge their batteries while staying in lodge.

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