Indian Nationals::
Indian Nationals do not require a visa and for foreigners Visa Services to Nepal is very easy. However, effective from October 1, 2000, Indians traveling to Nepal by air have to show on arrival at the entry point either a passport or voters card issued by the election commission of India or any identity card with the photograph issued by the central or state government of India. Temporary identity card with photograph issued by Nepal - based Indian diplomatic missions for the identification of Indian nationals will also be considered in case of exceptions. Children under 10 years need not show any identification.

For Other Nationals:
A visa is required to enter to Nepal, if you follow its easier and faster to get visa service to Nepal. One can get a visa at the Nepalese Embassy or Consulate or at the Tribhuvan International Airport upon arrival. Children under 10 years need not pay any visa fees. Two passport size photos are mandatory for visa application on arrival.

Tourist Visa:
Any foreigner who intends to visit Nepal must hold valid passport or any travel document equivalent to the passport issued by your local government for visiting a foreign country prior to application for visa. No foreigner is entitled to enter into or stay in Nepal without valid visa. Tourist entry visa can be obtained for the following duration from Nepalese Embassy or Consulate or other mission offices or immigration offices located on entry points in Nepal.

Chinese citizens are requested to apply at the Nepalese Embassy or other Nepalese diplomatic missions in your country, as there is no provision for an on the spot visa from Tribhuvan International Airport. Government of Nepal revises in Visa Fee: (Updated on 16th July, 2008)

The government has revised existing tourist visa fee to be effective from Shrawan 1, 2065 (July 16, 2008). As per the new fee structure, US $ 25 or equivalent foreign currency is required to obtain Tourist Visa with Multiple Entry for 15 days. Likewise, Tourist Visa with Multiple Entry for 30 days can be obtained by paying US $ 40 or equivalent foreign currency. Similarly, Tourist Visa with Multiple Entry for 100 days can be obtained by paying US $ 100.

Likewise, the government has also revised fee required to extend days of stay and visa renewal. As per the revise fee structure, Tourist Visa can be extended by paying US $ 2 or equivalent Nepalese currency per day. Likewise, Multiple Entry facility can be obtained only for the extension period by additional US $ 20 and visa fee for the extended period. Similarly, tourists can renew their visa by paying Nepalese currency equivalent to US $ 3 on the regular visa extension fee.

For Srilankan Pilgrims visiting to Lumbini you can obtain a single entry visa for 15 days in US$10 or equivalent convertible currency.