• Trek Nepal

Nepal is a small landlocked country which is famous for its gorgeous Himalayas, Ranges and natural beauties. Motherland Nepal is widely famous with dense alpine forests, wildlife ecosystem with wide range, diverse plant vegetation, frozen valleys, wind-swept deserts fast rivers, lakes, deep gorges and so on. That’s why Scenic Nepal Tour is designed for the Nature lover to enjoy these beauties.

Scenic Tour package in Nepal is a complete scenery place. Besides Nepal's main attractions Kathmandu, Chitwan and Pokhara, this tour will take you to the many other scenic beautiful place in Nepal, from the small village of Bandipur to birthplace of Buddha, Lumbini.

Tour in Nepal has got different types of packages covering the major cities of Nepal. Some packages names are Heritage Tour, Scenic Tour, Adventure Tour, Bird Watching, I Love Nepal and so on. These packages may be 6 to 8 days long depending upon the types of packages. This is a remarkable and worthy trip to realize that Nepal has lots of things to offer. One can explore the different regions of country, cultural junction with fascinating ancient monuments and artifacts, the breathtaking and heart melting mesmeric beauty of Himalayas Ranges and panoramic views, the vast dense forest with wildlife vegetation as well. Different packages have its own itinerary and that varies the cost of the packages. Cost includes the accommodation, travel, flooding. This may vary with the places and the facilities that packages offer.

Feb-June / Sept-Nov.