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Nepal is very beautiful country that lies in between India and china. It is a landlocked country rich in cultural and geographical diversity. Nepal is famous for its natural beauties, tradition ancient history and recognized as the country of Himalayas. Tourists from various countries visit Nepal in order to spend quality time with friends and family. Tourism is one of the greatest reasons for developing country Nepal. People travel various sectors places of Nepal in order to experience adventurous activities, trace the historical and culturally important facts, observe abundance of wildlife and bird watching, trekking nepal and hiking in Himalayan region and so on.Holiday Tour Nepal

Nepal offers various holiday packages. Family Tour Package is especially for the family members including kids to adults and old parents. It is designed for families to experience the natural beauties of Nepal. There are lots of beautiful places within Kathmandu valley and outside the valley. The popular places among the tourists are Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Pokhara, Chitwan National Park, Lumbini, Nagarkot and so on. This holiday packages includes sightseeing, nature walk, sunrise view, jungle safari, travelling temples, monuments and stupas, elephant ride and many panoramic view of mountains in Himalayan region.

The popular package offered by Nepal is Honeymoon Package. Lots of couples from neighboring country as well as from other part of world visit Nepal during their honeymoon period to spend the quality time in between scenic beauty of country. Honeymoon package in Nepal is popular because it’s not expensive in comparison to the countries of Europe. Sightseeing in Kathmandu, Pokhara, Sarangkot, Jungle safari in National parks, short trek around valley, hiking in Himalayan region and various outdoor adventurous sports are offered and available in package.

The Deluxe tour in somewhat costly tour done in Nepal. It offers completely sophisticated and luxurious accommodations in hotels and resorts with best itinerary in Nepal. It includes cultural tour, rafting, jungle safari, sunrise and sun set view, sightseeing around most popular cities and places in country and importantly flight tour around the Himalayan region observing peaks of the mountains at the level of eye. Its duration is around 9 days covering all the major cities of Nepal. Trekking, hiking and valley tour are also available if interested.
Most of tourists are intended to go for trekking in Annapurna and Sagarmatha region during their stay in Nepal. Trekking around these regions is completed within 17-20 days maximum. During trekking period trekkers and travelers get chance to explore the culture tradition of people inhabitant in Himalayan region with incredible views of lofty peaks and natural beauty. People also want to spend their time experiencing thrills and adventure. They actually prefer going for some outdoor sports like rafting, bungee jump, mountain bike ride, off-road experience in Mustang, paragliding, canyoning, zip flyer, skiing, sky diving, rock climbing, boating and so on. These are fantastic way to spend time for all types of nature lovers and are the best of the bests of Nepal. Moreover, people also want to get to know more about the culture and tradition as Nepal is multicultural country. Travelling around the places like Lumbini, temples, monuments and durbars of the country and experiencing the festivals of the Nepal are great activities done during the holiday. Dashain, Tihar and Holi are the major festivals of Nepal and tourists as well show their keen interest to celebrate these festivals.