Top Five Famous Cities in 2018 for World Tourism

2018 was the golden year of world tourism. Many tourist places, beautiful cities, beach destinations, and hill stations had frequently visited by travelers. Travels2nepal is an online and handy tour guide about the top five cities of the world, which had visited in 2018. It provides accurate information about each city in the world. Here […]

25 Most Beautiful Places in the World to Visit

There are so many beautiful places around the globe to visit, Travels2nepal is a complete travel portal where you can get complete information about any tourist place in the country every year. We keep a list of tourist places up to date throughout every year. We are going to introduce 25 beautiful places in the […]

20 Best places to visit in December in 2019

2019 is the golden year for tourists to travel the whole world in a single visit. This year shows that there is no perfect time to begin thinking about where you want to travel in 2019. Over the journey of the 2018 year, Travels2nepal shared “ best places to visit in 2018” series, highlighting some […]

World Top 10 cities to visit in 2019

World top 10 cities are now again in the news for its tourism in 2019. In the recent announcement, the world’s leading tourism guide featured Kathmandu in the list of its top 5 cities globally. Kathmandu got 5th number position in the top ten cities of the world tourism, whereas Copenhagen and Denmark maintained its […]

6 Magnificent Places to Visit in Nepal to Rejuvenate Yourself

Nepal is truly a paradise for mountaineers.Sandwiched between Indian plains and the Himalayas, Nepal carries enchanting beauty. This place is so mesmerizing that you cannot escape from its vibrant and alluring charm. There are a plethora number of magnificent places to visit in Nepal where one can rejuvenate the soul. Nested in the arms of […]

Tourism in Nepal

The movement/travel of people from one place to another place either within country or outside for various purposes is tourism. Those people are called tourists. They usually travel for fun, adventure, pleasure, business and other purpose. In Nepal, tourism is the largest industry and also the largest source of foreign exchange. Despite of long history […]

Scenic Nepal Tour

Our article published in Abiologic. Nepal is a small landlocked country which is famous for its gorgeous Himalayas, Ranges and natural beauties. Motherland Nepal is widely famous with dense alpine forests, wildlife ecosystem with wide range, diverse plant vegetation, frozen valleys, wind-swept deserts fast rivers, lakes, deep gorges and so on. That’s why Scenic Nepal […]