“Swimming pool” word makes a clear picture of a smooth watery square blue pool with showers and flooring chairs. Nature gives a lot of swimming pools in the region of world tourism. These swimming pools are the big attractions of natural beauty. Nature has made them an example of exceptional beauty. These natural swimming pools have made more than many years due to the action of natural components. So now, they have become popular swimming pools. These pools are the most pretty and cool pools for aquatic, and freshwater. They are completely safe and secure for swimming from the time when they have opened as natural tourist pools by the countries. Travels2nepal is an online Nepal tour portal, which keeps tourists up to date with the world’s tourist attractions. This online guide is going to introduce the top ten incredible swimming pools in the world.

1) Ik Kil Cenote, Mexico

Ik Kil Cenote Mexico
Ik Kil Cenote, Mexico is one of the most popular natural swimming pools, which is located in the ancient city of Yucatan in Mexico nearby Chichen Itza. This site has been protected by the UNESCO treaty of the Convention on the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage. This agreement announced in 2001 to safeguard all the sketches of human existence related to cultural, historical and archaeological. The incredible natural swimming pool has an old history that it had ruled by the Mayan populace for their religious rituals for taking comfort. The cool waters provide travelers the same refreshing experience as it gave many years ago.

Location- Chichen Itza, Mexico

Why should you go?
You will not have feelings that you are standing on the earth because it has exceptional beauty. The modest and high flowing waterfalls come from the sandstone roof to the clear blue waters, which is alluring millions of tourists from various parts of the world. This wonderful view draws the attention of millions of tourists.

How to reach there?
This natural pool is located on the main road between Chichen Itza and Valladolid. This swimming pool has 85 feet height from the surface, therefore you have to climb down a wooden stair to reach there.

What’re exciting things there?
You can spend a lot of days here. This natural swimming pool connects you with a popular restaurant and some picturesque cabanas to stay there for many days.

2) Grotta Dellia Poesia, Italy

Grotta Dellia Poesia Italy
The Adriatic Sea is a miracle of nature. It is one of the most wonderful natural swimming pools located at its coast and circular in size and shape. The waters are very deep blue, but it appears in the different colors of the time of the day.
According to the legend, a dramatic princess used it to bathe daily and the locals had the faith that this water to be the secret of the beauty. This place is especially known as the “Cave of Poetry”. Around this swimming pool, there are many peaceful and cool lakes.

Location– Grotta Della Poesia, SP 366, Roca Vecchia

Why you should go there?
Located in Roca Vecchia, a well-known Bronze Age, and Mycenaean archaeological site, and the surprising karst sinkhole are all these elements make legendary. The gap of turquoise blue waters and rocky covered areas spreads the boundaries to the sea and make it a magical effect. In addition, there is also an underground sea cave that carries you back to the sea.

How to reach there?
You can reach easily there from the city of Lecce or Melendugno, which is only a few kilometers away from these cities.

Other Important Information
You can hire a boat on the rent from San Foca to come close to grottos and cliffs.

3) Las Grietas, Ecuador

Las Grietas Ecuador
Las Grietas is one of the most popular natural swimming pools in the Galapagos Islands. Three dazzling and green pools are getting fresh water from the river at one end and seawater from other ends. It is the best spot for tourists for various activities like swimming, snorkeling, and cliff diving. It is very close to Puerto Ayora, so it is very easy for travelers to come here comfortably. You can hire a taxi to Angermeyer Point and walk some distance from Angermeyer Waterfront on a footpath to the pool.

Location: Galapagos Island, Ecuador

Why you should go there?
Las Grietas is not a normal pool, but it is a miracle of natural beauty. It appears wonderfully from volcanic crevices after the softening of melt lava. Nothing to say, this site is very amazing and admirable. On the surface, water is fresh, but under the pool, the water of the sea is very salty. You can make a plan for swimming or snorkeling to find the enthralling coral reef.

How to reach there?
You can take a water taxi from the main port on Santa Cruz and walk some distance from there to reach here comfortably.

Other Information
You can get the chance to walk on a rocky surface. Make sure that you should have footwear with a strong grip.

4) Fairy Pools, Scotland

Fairy Pools Scotland
Not wonderfully, Fairy Pools is one of the prettiest, cool and alluring attractions on the Isle of the skye. It is the most beautiful area with many pretty waterfalls and crystal clear pools. The fairy natural swimming pools are a group of small cool and natural waterfalls in the Glenbrittle area on Isle of Skye. The stunning blue and green color in the water gives it a unique and wonderful appearance. On a sunny day, the water looks very crystal visible and calm. Swimming in fairy pools in the winter is very cold, even in the summer season.

Location: Glen Brittle, Scotland

Why should you go there?
‘Lord of the Rings’ tell us that fairy pools have a lot of splendid blue water bodies that have made by icy cold dropped striking peaks of the Cuillin mountains.

How to reach there?
You need to walk some distance from Glen Brittle to the locality of Fairy Pools. There are also bus service facilities available from Portree to the Fairy Pools carpark during the summer season.

Other Information-
In the clean weather, walking is very easy and comfortable. It may be very difficult during the cold climate and the rainy season. In addition, often pools get warm and having a wetsuit is a very good option.

5) Havasu Falls, Arizona

Havasu Falls Arizona
Havasupai Fall, popularly known as Havasu fall is the prettiest swimming hole along with Havasupai creek. This incredible waterfall allures millions of travelers every year. Located in the main heart of Grand Canyon northern part of Supai, village. Havasu Fall is an interesting photographed fall in the Grand Canyon. The water temperature measures 70 degrees. This pool is very big in the size and from four to five feet deep in most locations. You can climb up and swim up to the waterfalls. You can sit under the shade given by cottonwood trees that spoil the area underneath the falls.

Location: Grand Canyon, Arizona

Why you should go there?
Havasu Falls is a big treasure hidden in the tribal landscapes in the arid Grand Canyon National Park. It is the most beautiful retreat and display of Mother Earth’s colors like the dazzling blue-green shade of the water.

How to reach there?
Go on the main road along with highway 66 and on the top of Indian route 18 to Hualapai Hilltop, from where you can go on the footpath or you can take a horse ride.

Other Information-
There is a military camp nearby which you can benefit of accessible prior reserve permits are appropriately offered.

6) Hamilton Pool, Texas

Hamilton Pool Texas
Hamilton Pool is one of the lovely and natural swimming pools located in Austin, Texas and is an admired tourist spot for American and global travelers. It is an underground swimming pool along with limestone walls and a small waterfall that oozes from the roof. This swimming pool is situated in a natural reserve that has a lot of rare birds and animals. Diving and swimming in this swimming pool are fully free but fishing is totally banned. The water in this pool is truly cold with a temperature of nearly 50 degrees in some popular spots of the pool.

Location: Austin, Texas

Why you should go there?
It is totally protected from any kind of harmful things. This pretty and sea green land was made when the ground of an underground river backfired because of attrition. So, it is really a natural swimming pool.

How to reach there?
It is only thirty miles away from the western part of Austin on FM 3238. Take SH71, move the left side and cover nearly 13 miles to reach the preserve easily.

Other important information-
This natural wonder lies within a preserve, a green sea land of the striking yellow-crowned bird. According to the weather reports, this swimming pool opens from 9 in the morning to 5.30 in the evening hours.

7) Devil’s Pool, Victoria Falls

Devil’s Pool Victoria Falls
Situated at the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe, Victoria Falls is one of the natural swimming pools and biggest waterfalls in the world. This natural pool is also known as a rock wonderful pool. Travelers come here to swim comfortably. Due to many years of erosion, it has been made naturally. It is easily accessible during the summer season when the water level goes down. Tourists should take a boat ride to reach this pool and travelers can see down from the border of the waterfalls in the world. Only 16 people can swim in this pretty pool at a time, but this experience will be very exciting and memorable.


Why you should go there?
Devil’s Pool is one of the world’s largest waterfalls, which is catching the attention of millions of people. This is a natural pool where waterfalls are flowing. In the month of September to December, rock lib surface makes it possible for swimmers to obtain the point where the tube takes a fleet dip downwards.

How to reach there?
You cannot reach the natural wonder on your own. You need to book a tour like the Livingstone Island trip where tour guides will help you to reach there.

Other important information-
To reach the pool, a short swim trip in the Zambezi River is extremely essential. It is highly advised that don’t go there if the water level is very high.

8) Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Blue Lagoon Iceland
The Blue Lagoon is one of the most popular natural swimming pools in the world, which is the first choice of travelers. It is really a wonder in this country. The alluring and thrilling milky-blue water is not found anywhere on the earth. It also develops a barren dissimilarity to the surrounding black lava land and its crawling grey moss. This swimming pool is exactly located on the Reykjanes Peninsula in the southwestern part of Iceland. It takes only fifteen minutes to drive from the Keflavík International Airport, and nearly thirty minutes from the capital city of the country, Reykjavík. It makes it the first tourist attraction when you come to Iceland. Due to its splendid and convenient location, its comforting waters and rich skin edibles, the Blue Lagoon became the country’s loving and visited tourist attraction.


Why should you go there?
A coolest and treasure trove of Iceland, Blue Lagoon is a pretty and naturally geothermal pool with mineral salts, and blue-green algae and pleasurable silica mud that nurture and decorticate, making it very soft and cool. It looks very beautiful and amazing.

How to reach there?
You should go on the main road, which connects Keflavík and Reykjavík. You will observe a symbol, “Blue Lagoon” and take a turn and drive nearly six miles.

Other Necessary Information-
This swimming pool has built visitor-friendly with world-class restaurants, visitor-friendly, and luxury facilities.

9) Erawan Falls, Thailand

Erawan Falls Thailand
The Erawan National Park is one of the most popular natural swimming pools as the most visited tourist attraction in the world. It is really a big tourist attraction of Thailand, which is catching the attention of millions of tourists. Most travelers come to explore seven levels of the amazing Erawan waterfall and go for a refreshing swimming trip in the middle of the forests. It The climb to the top of the waterfall is very easy and comfortable and takes only 30 minutes to reach there. In addition, there are a lot of caves and climbing trails in this national park, which are new attractions for travelers.

Location: Erawan National Park, Thailand

Why you should go there?
It is a big tourist attraction for travelers because it has covered by a seven-tired waterfall and thrilling nature, the emerald green pool provides the perfect setting to take comfort and let go of all of your doubts when you’re on tour of Thailand.

How to reach there?

You can hire the hourly bus easily from the Kanchanaburi Bus Station to the Srinakarind Market at very nominal rates. After that, you have to walk nearly 1 km. In addition, you can take a private car to reach comfortably.

Other important information-
The falls are also located in this national park. It is also a popular trekking route. In this park, you can see elephants, monkeys and often king cobras. You should come here in the early morning to ignore crowds.

10) Giola Natural Pool, Greece

Giola Natural Pool Greece
Giola is the stunning natural rocky pool that is surprising to everyone with its natural beauties. It is a natural wonder that is located in the land of Astris. The height of the rocks attains up to 8 meters from where the swimmers can swim and dive into the clear waters. The route in the direction of Giola is very rough and so travelers have to walk. It is one of the exceptional natural swimming pools in the world, which is alluring a crowd of travelers to swim once in life every year.

This beautiful and splendid natural swimming pool awaits wonderful adventures, who are seeking for swimming and diving experience. This natural swimming pool is 20×15 meters in the size, is kept away from the sea by a slight and narrow piece of the rock. The cool natural body of the water is made when high caves and freshwater mounts up in the naturally formed pool.

Location- Thassos Island, Greece

Why you should go there?

According to legend stories, the pool was made by the Greek god Zeus. Aphrodite swam here, so it is popularly known as “The tear of Aphrodite.” The legend says that this swimming pool is an eye-catching attraction through which Zeus saw over his mistress.

How to reach there?
This natural swimming pool, known as a natural phenomenon is located nearby Astris. You need to travel three-four km and then, you have to take a short walk.

Other Important information-
Walking on the footpath may be very risky because of the stony and rough path. So, it is very important to wear shoes.