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Everest Base Camp trek is far more popular than the other treks done in Nepal. It is great challenge and risky to travel and trek in Everest region. There are two different Mount Everest Base Camp located on either side of the Everest. Nepal and Tibet has got one on their side. The possibilities and the risk factor for both the Camps are same. The south Mount Everest Base Camp is located in Nepal at an altitude of 5364 m from the sea level. It lies in Solukhumbu district and in Khumbu region.

Trek to everest base camp

Climbing Mount Everest is always dangerous due to altitude variations and kills people because of lack of acclimatization. Many people have lost their lives while attempting after Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay first step summit in 1953. The trail is so dangerous due to rock fall and deep open crack in a glacier which creates difficulties during climbing. Other factors like yaks attack and trailing down a steep hillside may hinder the trek. We do not want to rush and finish the trek before the actual time it requires. Due to altitude difference enough time must be given for acclimatization. If we ignore the fact then we will get altitude sickness and that could result to death.

There are lots of things that need to be taken care of before trekking in Everest Region. The first and foremost is proper equipment and gears like lightweight hiking boots, hiking socks, lightweight thermal tops, windproof jackets, sun hat and scarf, thermal gloves, first aid kit, sunglasses and many more accessories that are needed. Mountaineering harnesses and ice-axe is essential along with helmet Computer Technology Articles, climbing sling and two locking carabineers for climbing and mountaineering. Climbing hardware is essential only during the time of climbing mountain. Insulated water bottle and purifier is required to avoid dehydration and prevent from water diseases. Headache and altitude sickness are the major issues while trekking in higher altitude so we need to follow the trekking plan and few days rest as acclimatization. We should not carry heavy pack with clothes and foods to remain in better shape and avoid fatigue with excessive load. Level of oxygen should be maintained properly for safe trekking. There are HRA offices which help you by providing good knowledge about oxygen level on blood and maintain it.

Everest Base Camp Trek

Trekking Everest Base Camp from March to May and from September to December is suitable. The trails are in the best form during autumn and spring season. Weather is unpredictable in this region and long trails are always like maze so we have to hire guides compulsory to avoid mislead the trail and chance of getting lost. It depends on the traveler’s skills and experience but it’s better to use a guide for the Everest Base Camp trek. Depending upon the number of members in a group guide can be hired. Guide will provide the proper training and guidance with all the possibilities that could happen during trek. Before climbing Everest we should have good knowledge of mountaineering and training for a year. It around 38 miles from Lukla to Base Camp and approximately take minimum of 9 days. We have to walk around 5 to 6 hours daily to complete the trek in planned date and time. While you reach in Base Camp you can spend the night there if you are with climbing expedition otherwise it’s not safe to stay there due to high altitude.