The movement/travel of people from one place to another place either within country or outside for various purposes is tourism. Those people are called tourists. They usually travel for fun, adventure, pleasure, business and other purpose. In Nepal, tourism is the largest industry and also the largest source of foreign exchange. Despite of long history of tourism in Nepal it was developed since 1950 A.D. Attraction is the major cause of tourists in Nepal. People from almost all part of the world visit Nepal yearly for different purpose. Various culture and tradition, diverse wildlife vegetation, varied climate, temples, monuments and lots of trekking destination lure tourists in Nepal.

Recent trend of tourists’ arriving in Nepal is satisfactory. Lots of available resources were utilized properly and beneficially to promote tourism sector. But still dynamic and friendly policy as well as joint effort from local as well as government and the participation of private sector is required and play the vital role for increasing the tourist’s rate in Nepal. During period of Rana, Nepal was a forbidden land and no tourists were allowed to travel in Nepal. Later after democracy tourists showed interest and slowly tourism was promoted and steady trend in different periods in country. Tourism in Nepal is considered as an important sector playing vital role for development of country. Tourism is the industry that supports and promotes tourists with transportation, accommodations, foods, shops, entertainment and other hospitality services as well as facilities. It is one of the fastest growing economic sectors not only in Nepal but all over the world.

Nepal is popular destination and unique destination for trekking, tours and travels. Due to its unbeatable combination of natural beauties Nepal is preferred by most of tourist. Nepal is good place to spend relaxed time and holiday in between mountains, hills, lakes, ranging rivers enjoying various religions’ festivals, culture and tradition. Some famous trekking routes of Nepal are Everest Base Camp trek, Annapurna Base Camp trek, Upper Mustang Trek and Langtang valley trek that helps to explore the Himalayan scenarios. National Parks and Conservation Areas are the major attraction for those who are in love with wildlife and its beauties. Lots of fun related activities like bungee jump, rafting, zip-flying, paragliding, ultra light flight are available which true meaning of fun, thrill and adventure is. Places which carry religious and cultural importance’s like Lumbini, Three Durbar Squares in Kathmandu, temples, monuments, palaces, stupas, monasteries, gumbas give the feeling of peace and tranquility.

Nepal is popular for its arts and handicrafts. People take these as popular souvenirs and love it. Paintings, pottery, arts and galleries, handicrafts, clothes are basically known within the tourist. Nepal is popular for its variety of cuisines. Dal Bhat is the main dish of Nepal and is popular within the people of Nepal also momo is being favorite one. Tourists love to have good foods and cuisines during their visit in Nepal. Nepalese people are popular worldwide with their friendly nature and hospitality. They are always ready to welcome their guest with the best they have. Therefore, tourists feel the safest destination to visit in South East Asia. In addition to that Nepal is known for its low cost and cheap travel which saves lots of money. Tourist can easily get visa and travel the best part of country within short period at low cost. Accommodations play vital role in luring the tourists. Nepal is not less in offering quality service to their guests. They take good care of tourists with quality lodging, fooding and transportation. Nepal has it all from five star services to budget one. There are various trekking tours and travel company accompanying tourists during their visit in Nepal.