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Weather is the crucial factor for all successful mountain trekking. Trekkers should choose suitable time for trekking to get extreme adventure and fun. Most of the trekkers prefer a dry and warm trek. These are actually from February through to May and September through to November. Every year people from the various parts of world visit this stunning mountain that lies in the route of Everest Trekking.

In winter actually from January to March, the temperature and climate in higher altitude is freezing cold. Although there is chance of getting the clearest and most beautiful glimpses of might Mount Everest. Snowfall occurs and can be expected from December to February. Weather can be notoriously unpredictable so extra gear and protective accessories required for staying warm and dry which is paramount during winter. Temperature may fall as low as -15oC. The highest temperature could be 20oC.Mount Everest Trekking

The popular and ideal time for trekking would be the spring and autumn time. March, April, May and September, October, November is the months where thousands of climbers and trekkers arrive there. So far, April and October is the best time for going through the trails. At his time sky is so clear and day is bright. Most of the days within this period will be fairly stable and dry but trekkers can expect short showers. Also, most of the Everest summit attempts occur this part of the season. This is the great time where you can meet lots of people attempting the summit.

During the season that are from April to May and from September to November month are the best time since trekkers won’t feel any difficulty and would make them fall less sick. They can complete the journey within the expected period and faster than well. Mountaineering and trekking follows same rule and is always risky if you don’t consider the suitable time and check weather condition. During most stable and clear weather most treks offer stunning views that are simply spectacular. September and October is not the warmest time of the year but the temperature during that period is pleasant and also nights do not get super cold like in winter. At this time you will have to struggle with enough traffic since the popular routes get quite busy. However, you can have cunning plan to take alternate routes to avoid traffic. Trekkers should be well prepared with suitable gears and accessories because weather is always unpredictable and storms may hit occasionally.

Interested trekkers can peak the best time from mid-September to May, while monsoon season is gone. End of September through December the weather offers stable and mild warm days with not so cold nights. You should always prefer to at peak seasons when they are warm since you will have the best opportunity for clear vistas. Crowds and traffic may be the disadvantage of peak time but can be easily avoided taking other less-trodden routes. The famous routes like Gokyo Lakes trek to Everest Base Camp will certainly offer you best trail to enjoy trekking avoiding traffic. Most of the tours and travels companies will not help you to trek during the off-peak seasons so you will have to go for alternative guidance. You should always carry maps and follow trails to avoid chance of misleading. Always go for mild and warm weather to avoid risk that could happen while trekking.