Nepal is beautiful country to draw visitors who visit for various purposes. Lots of people are attracted to visit Nepal due to mountains, scenic nepal tour it holds and the culture and tradition. Everybody wanted to go trekking and hiking around in Himalayan Region because they are actually lured by the call of the mountains. The mighty Mount Everest is everybody’s to step once in a life. Many of them have different taste to enjoy the culture, tradition and to experience the lifestyle, festivals. Nepal also offers the adventurous activities that give adrenaline rush and thrilling and life changing experience for the traveler.

places to visit in kathmandu

Among various places we can begin our tour in Nepal with the capital city Kathmandu. It is noisy and vibrant with full of historical and cultural places occupied by palaces and temples all around. Ancient monuments and palaces are seen all around which carry significance importance and give good artistic vibe. The arts and handicrafts of this city are popular worldwide. City comprises Lalitpur, Bhaktapur and Kathmandu with Durbar squares the major attraction of tourists in all three districts. Temples and monuments at different locations with varying sizes shapes and styles are found and most of them are listed in UNESCO World Heritage Site as well.

places to visit in nepal

Pokhara is the popular city which is 200km away west of Kathmandu. It has famous lakes – Fewa, Begnas and Rupa. It is highly recommended valley to visit because of natural beauty and the adventure sport that it offers. Pokhara is the gateway and the junction of tourists and the trekkers to the Himalayas. Most of the tourists stay at Lakeside which is famous place for tourist to enjoy nightlife and get themselves ready with the initial preparation for journey to Himalayas. It has got lots of hotels, restaurants and shops for day excursions and relaxation.

Chitwan National Park and Bardiya National Park are the two popular National Parks listed in World Heritage Site by UNESCO where people come for jungle safari and elephant ride. It is different experience for them, apart from hiking in nepal and trekking nepal. Visitors come for seeing wildlife that includes different species of birds, mammals, crocodiles, insects and most importantly Royal Bengal Tiger which is the major attraction of tourists. Chitwan National Park is previously known as Rhinoceros Sanctuary because the endangered One Horned Rhino is found here.

Birth place of gautam buddha Lumbini

Siddharta Gautam’s birth place Lumbini is another historically important place in Nepal. It is also the World Heritage Site which has huge religious significance and is the holy place of Buddhists. The major attractions of Lumbini are Maya Devi Temple, Ashokan Pillar, World Peace Pagoda, Lumbini Crane SanctuaryArticle Search, Myanmar Golden Temple and many small stupas and gumbas around. As it lies in Terai Region it’s better to pick suitable time and season to visit Lumbini. The weather is too hot during mid summer and too cold in winter. Maya Devi Temple contains an ancient stone relief representing and symbolizes Buddha’s Birth.

The region of Mount Everest is popular for trekking and hiking. Everest Base Camp is regarded as most popular Base Camp trekking zone with Annapurna Base Camp in Nepal. This allures lots of tourist for trekking and traveling. The suitable seasons for hiking this region are from March to May and September to December since the temperature is extremely cold due to high altitude. Various tours and travel agencies organized trek offering all the accommodations and requirements for the trekking.