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Every Nepali knows one proverb ‘Nepal is sundar santa and bishal’ which means it is beautiful peaceful and vast. Nepal is the birthplace of Lord Buddha, home of mystical Yeti and the home of sky touching mountains these unique features cannot be found elsewhere. To experience the lost kingdom of Shangrila, rare knowledge of Tibetan and understanding the homogeneity among the diverse people of Nepal is the best Nepal can offer the world.

Nepal although small to other countries but its unique geography provides different type of animal and plants to exist. World rarest plants and endangered animals are in Nepal. So to observe animals like Bengal tiger roaming in their natural habitat or red panda chewing bamboo shoots in community forests of eastern part of country, Nepal provides the ultimate traveling experience chance. Nepal can show how nature and human have co-existed without causing any negative impact on nature and how everyday life is related to creating and preserving nature you can experience these in Chitwan National Parks Tharu community.Best Nepal Tour

Nepal has a diverse, multicultural and unique people consisting more than 125 ethnic groups. These people have their own tradition and language, some language and ethnic group have less than a hundred people making a rare chance to meet them before they only appear in pages of history book. The Rarest form of festivals like dog worshipping, cow worshipping and jatras like Ghode (horse) Jatra, Gai (cow) Tihar and many other festival can be experienced only in Nepal. Festivals like Holi, Bhai Tika and Dashain can bring harmony and joy that no other county can offer.
Like Maurice Herzog, Tenzing Sherpa you can be a mountaineer climbing rarest and tallest peaks likes of Annapurna and Mt. Everest which no other country can provide. Hiking in high altitude of Annapurna circuit with little oxygen, rafting in Sunkoshi and Trishuli in full speed can give you the rarest opportunity of natural tourism which is losing in modern industrialized world. Chance of visiting caves of mustang valley or seeing Annapurna image in lake Phewa in Pokhara or waterfall in David falls can put anybody in awe. Sunrise from places like Puna hill or Sandakpur and mountain viewing fom Nagarkot or Sarangkot you always feel how small human is compare to these natures. High standing Swayambhunath temple in west Kathmandu or low lying Pashupatinath temple in Bagmati banks you can see religion is also embedded in flora and fauna.

Smile in face of people generously assisting you, or young people sitting idly in the park or where two girls or boys holding hand cannot give another meaning like other countries. Experiencing eating same rice and lentils continually for two times a day around the year makes you think what food means to people is. Roaming holy cow or banana asking monkey or grain seeking pigeons in Darbar Square or Pashupatinath temple makes you think what animal and people share same life in other parts of world. So to experience this you should visit Nepal and find what best it has to offer.