2019 is the golden year for tourists to travel the whole world in a single visit. This year shows that there is no perfect time to begin thinking about where you want to travel in 2019. Over the journey of the 2018 year, Travels2nepal shared “ best places to visit in 2018” series, highlighting some popular tourist destinations of the world.

Travels2nepal considered everything from airfare trends and weather and climate data to natural tourist spots and cultural events to decide the best month to travel to every tourist spot of the world. Now, 2019 is approaching with real dreams, we are introducing 20 popular tourist destinations of December month for the tourists. We are a complete tour guide to help you to plan a dream tour for each tourist spot and cover everything on our checklist from natural sites to historical places, historic sites to exciting nightlife, and tropical paradises to the icy wonderland. It is certainly extremely difficult to choose the best place to visit in the month of December when you have no option. So don’t worry more, we are a complete tour guide to help you to suggest the best countries to visit in the cold days of the month of December.

1. Spain

Spain Nobody can remain untouched to enjoy the excitement of the grand celebration of the Christmas December month in Spain. Whether it may be colorful and decorative lights, funny shopping market, decorated streets and roads, and beyond imagination, and much more, Spain is all in one tourist destination for the month of December.
Weather & Climate
Spain is one of the most popular warmest countries in Europe. In this well-liked warm country, the winters are milder but almost all tourists need to wear relaxed and warm clothes.
Go astray in the lighting streets of Madrid
Enjoy your long walk in the comfortable streets of Gran Via, to enjoy the well- organized light decoration. Always remember to stuff your stomach with special wines and Tapas at Mercado de San Antón.
Gaudi’s architecture in Barcelona is admirable beyond expectations
The masterpiece work of the gifted Spanish architect Gaudi is the best example of world-class architecture. He uniquely designed this beautiful city, Barcelona with several beautiful buildings including La Sagrada Familia, which is the biggest Roman Catholic Church.

2. Mexico-

Mexico Mexico is a well-admired place full of dazzling sunshine, thrilling scenic beauty, and surprising sandy beaches and obviously, rich cultural heritage.
Weather and climate
The temperature in this country depends on the particular location covering the areas of warm weather to cool weather in the coastal locations. This mild and dry nature of the weather makes it an ideal destination to enjoy the cold weather of December month.
Pleasure & fun in Mexico City
Mexico City, the capital of Mexico is one of the most famous tourist attractions in the world. It is full of countless tourist spots, which attract millions of tourists every year. The Metropolitan Cathedral, The National Palace and Chapultepec Park are extremely popular eye candies and must open for everyone to visit remarkably.
Cancun-Paradise on Earth
A global tourist place Mexico City, has fourteen miles of beaches in the shape of number ‘7” that adds another charming beauty to this country’s tourism.

3. Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic Dominican Republic is especially known for a cool and beautiful beach destination. The alluring beauty of the country and the natural beauty of the nation makes it an attractive place for all travelers.
Weather & climate
The weather and climate of the nation change in various places. The weather in this country is neither too hot nor too cold, so all these things make it a hot spot for visiting in the month of December.
The charming Beauty of the tourist spot
Santo Domingo is one of the oldest cities in the New World, which is especially known as a jewel of the nation for the natural beauty and rich culture. The lovers of the arts and architecture find peace coming to this sweet place as it has a museum of Modern art, the palace of the fine arts and national palace.
Shopping in La Romana
La Romana is the most favorite place to purchase crafts and other attractive things to make your shopping trip memorable.

4. Egypt

Egypt Egypt is especially known for Pharaohs. The dazzling beauty of tombs and temples are the most popular tourist attractions for travelers. Tourists visit this charming place for the mesmerizing deserts, and for Scuba Diving as well as the adventurous sport.
The weather in this country always remains dry, sunny and warm.
The Ancient Pyramids
The pyramids that you have seen or read in the books of history are alluring for people. It attracts people since ages and is also known as 7th wonders of the ancient world.
Visit Aswan
The most charming and calm country is Aswan, which is exactly located on the curves of the river Nile. You take a ferryboat and enjoy the cool natural beauty of the place that touches your heart.

5. Nepal

Nepal Nepal is a little beautiful country, a natural paradise, a hot spot for honeymooners, a favorite place for holiday seekers, a natural place for nature lovers and seekers, a safe place for trekking, and a peaceful place for nature seekers. It is called heaven of natural wonders. It is the world’s famous tourist place for all types of tourists. It is the nature gifted destination all over the world. In addition, it is the home of the highest mountains and hills. It is especially known for its highest mountain Mt Everest in all over the world.
The weather in the country is both hot and cool in the month of December. This month is the starting of the winter season, so there is some coolness around the region. There is also rainfall, wet and average temperature.
Kathmandu, Capital city
Kathmandu, Capital city is one of the most popular cities in the country, which is especially known for its modern tourist attractions. It is full of royal palaces, ancient temples, and old history. It is the first and important tourist attraction for almost all travelers.
Chitwan National Park
Nepal is the best tourist place in 2019 as compared with other places. Chitwan national park is the largest tourist attraction of Nepal, especially for a Jungle safari trip. This park is a very famous tourist attraction for its jungle safari in all over the world. It is the best source of earning revenue for Nepal tourism. It is the finest place to enjoy rich wildlife. Nepal tours will be an interesting and exploring trip for eager tourists.

6. Jamaica

Jamaica Jamaica, a Caribbean country is especially known for adventure, nightlife, and Cool Island. The coral reefs, charming mountains, beaches, and rainforests are the most popular tourist attractions in all over the world.
The weather of this country in December is extremely warm and sunny and often it rains too. Sometimes it has little moisture, but it has sweet weather.
Stay at the Unanimous Negril Beach
Unanimous Negril Beach is seven long beaches for people. It is the main attraction to enjoy water sports here. Enjoy the peacefulness of Martha Brae River- You can make your trip memorable on the Martha Brae River on the bamboo rafts and enjoy the wildlife of the sweet place.

7. Goa, India

India Goa, India is a very popular beach destination where people can enjoy the water rafting, water sports, and late night parties. It always makes people excited to make some interesting memories here.
The weather in this beach place in the month of December is moderate. The weather here is neither hot nor cold. The temperature measurement lies between 22-23 degrees.
Calangute Beach
It is the biggest and pretty beach, which is especially known as the “Queens of Beaches” that extends nearly 15 km in Panaji. This place is very wonderful to enjoy amazingly.
The interesting Palelom Beach
Pellom Beach is an alluring beach in the city, which is visited by foreign tourists for enjoying its beauty.

8. Philippines

Philippines The Philippines is allured by millions of foreign travelers around the world. From the charming sandy beaches to the lovely awe-inspiring waves, the place has a lot of things to explore.
The weather in the county is normally dry in this country in the month of December, it will not be difficult for tourists to enjoy its tourism.
Visit the gorgeous Boracay Island, Aklan
The gorgeous beach island in the region of Aklan has golden sand and a thrilling pretty sunset view that will keep you engaged in the purity of the beauty of this place.
Siargao Island
Siargao Island is a very popular surfing wave called, “cloud 9”. It makes this charming place as an exciting experience spot for surfers.

9. Colombia

Colombia Colombia is greatly known for its cultural and historical heritage. This charming and greenery landscape and vibrant culture make it a favorite place for all types of tourists. This country is especially known to be one of the most visited tourist places in America.
The weather in the country in the month of December is very calm and sweet. The days are sunny and nights are cool, so tourist can visit at any time.
Visit Bogota
Bogota is the capital city of the country, which is especially known as the most explored tourist place because of its vibrant culture and exciting nightlife.
This country has a seashore extending 990 miles on which 300 beaches are situated. All these beaches have made a popular place as a paradise on the planet to visit it.

10. Peru

Peru Peru is one of the most admired places in the world where people can enjoy pleasure, peace, and amusement. The charming and scenic beauty of the wildlife makes a lot of travelers get motivated towards its charming beauty.
The weather of this country in the month of December is really a wet season. In this month, almost rainfalls take place which adds the wonderful beauty of the place, especially coastal areas.
Visit Machu Picchu
This popular city has impressive and wonderful views and scenic beauty that makes it a special place for visiting for travelers.
Cusco’s Architectural Treasures
The streets of Cusco seem just like as a museum and are also known as the UNESCO’s world heritage sites. This beautiful city has several museums and beautiful buildings that are really great attractions for travelers. This city is called a treasure of beauty and so, a mass of people come here to visit it every year.

11. Mauritius

Mauritius Mauritius is called a boon of God. It has lavish greenery, pretty mountains and hills, wild waterfalls and inspiring beaches that naturally tell us that God has made as a natural gift, while creating this wonderful place of the earth. It is also known as the best tourist place in the world.
The whole climate of this country in the month of December seems warm and some times, rainfall can be felt. The whole weather is very pleasant these days having a temperate ranging from 23-25 degrees.
Mauritius Botanical Garden
Mauritius Botanical Garden is a God gifted garden, which is located near Port Louis, a popular tourist spot.
Ile Aux Cerfs Island
This island is especially known for the sandy beaches and pretty regions. This is a very charming world beach to enjoy with a lot of funs.

12. Costa Rica

Costa Rica Costa Rica is one of the most popular, beautiful and hottest tourist places in all over the world. It is called a jewel of America. In this pretty place, beaches, surfing and wildlife spotting makes it a very special destination.
The weather in the place is normally changeable in the month of December. Often, this place gets rainfall and sometimes it is extremely dry. In the December season, it is the best time to explore this charming place.
Manuel Antonio National Park
The dazzling tropical beaches, wonderful views of parks and rich flora and fauna always attract a mass of travelers from various corners of the world.
Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve
This is an abode to more than 3000 species of animals and plants that make it a very exciting place to travel every year.

13. Chile

Chile Chile is one of the best examples of natural beauty in the world. It is called a paradise of natural wonders. From beautiful beaches to greenery landscapes, it has a lot of things to offer for travelers. The wonderful scenery of glaciers makes it more attractive and pleasurable. It is really a unique example of natural wonders.
In Chile, the weather is dry and warm in the summer season, but it does not make any obstacle in visiting this pretty place.
Lake District
There are 12 lakes in the Lake District where you can enjoy the wonderful and pretty creation of nature. People can choose rafting and many adventurous water sports to make the tour an exciting trip.
This pretty seaport city is really an exceptional example in itself due to the wonderful and mesmerizing beauty of the grand place and beautiful buildings. It is nature’s bounty and natural wonder, so it is the best place to visit.

14. South Africa

South Africa South Africa has become a first choice of tourists in all over the world. It has natural wonders and natural beauties examples that draw the attention of millions of people from different parts of the world. You can enjoy this place eagerly.
The whole weather in this country is mild and 30 degrees temperature in the month of December. Often, it rains heavily in this country and humidity remains always high.
A walk with some wild animals
If you want to enjoy some wild animals such as rhinos and elephants, and lions, Kruger National Park is the right place for you that give you the exciting chances to visit it.
Connect with Nature
You can see Mother Nature face to face in the Cape of Good Hope. Johannesburg and the Town of Soweto, and KwaZulu-Natal are some natural wonders that attract all people from different parts of the world.

15 Laos

Laos Laos is a wonderful landscape where nature sleeps in the peace and takes dreams of natural wonders and gives the chances for everyone to enjoy it. It is called a sleeping beauty of the east in countries. It is really a good place of natural beauty.
The weather in the month of December in this country is normally fine and pleasant. You can enjoy your trip anytime.
Waterfalls and Caves
Pakse and Phonsavan are extremely admired places to see some humongous waterfall scenes with some holy Shaolin such as temples as observed in those Jackie Chan movies.
Backpack and Night Outs
Vang Nieng is the safest place for those people, who are looking for trekking. Savannakhet is another charming spot to enjoy nightlife amazingly.

16. Argentina

Argentina Argentina is one of the most popular tourist places of South America. It has many dense and green Jungles, Glacial lakes, and greenery landscapes. There is also the great mighty Andes Mountain, the pretty place will refresh your trip naturally.
The weather in Argentina is both cool and hot in the month of December. Travelers need to wear some warm clothes especially if you are coming from other countries.
Cemetery walking, Zen Walking and Snow Lands
La Recoleta Cemetery is a place where you can feel some time off and make some walk in the dead. Iguazu Falls and Buenos Aires are some places where you will go for a personal walk of clairvoyance as watched in the movies. Los Glaciares National Park is the best tourist place to view wonderful scenes of snow and ice-related natural wonders.
Dance and Music, Wines and National Arts
La Boca is a pleasant place to make your life pleasant and excited. Here, travelers can enjoy dance and music performance and having a little wines full you with a lot of excitement. Tourists will have the golden chances to enjoy national arts and architecture.

17 Thailand-

Thailand Thailand is an extremely beautiful and wonderful country in many things. For beginners, there are a lot of mixes of natural goodness, soul-touching phenomenal and wonderful scenes, and oldest history alluring you.
Weather in this region is extremely cool with 30 degrees temperature in the month of December.
Bangkok, a big tourist spot
Bangkok, the capital of Thailand is the modern city that is alluring millions of people from different parts of the country. People can enjoy the temples of Wat Arun, Wat Pho, and Phra Law temples.
Enjoy the interesting beaches
People can enjoy pretty and cool beaches of Ko Samui and Phuket where you will have a pleasant experience for you.
The Night Life
Ko Pha Ngan is the best place for organizing and celebrating full night parties.
The Mountain and the History
If you’re very eager to view pretty and amazing mountain range of Phang Nga Bay, and a few edgy histories are still alive.

18. Cambodia

Cambodia Cambodia is one of the prettiest countries in the world, which is especially known for its natural tourism.
Weather in this country is very cool, low humidity and sunny days, which make them it a very perfect place to enjoy its surrounding areas and environment. The temperature in the month of December is nearly about 25 degrees.
Raw Routes and Night Outers
Battambang, Kampot, and Tonle Sap are the best three wild destinations where the long walk will be very interesting and exploring. Fishing, rivers, oldest temples, lakes, bats, nightlife, circuses, Zoos, and caves are some of the most popular tourist spots to visit here.
City and Beaches
If you have a dream to view lighting at night and a collection of foods and culture, Siem Reap is the right place for you. If beaches are your seashores, Sihanoukville Province is a very popular beach, island, and national park.
Dolphins, Architecture, and Casinos
Kratie, Bantey Chmmar and Smacch are very popular natural places where you can get the opportunities to experience the dolphins, super oldest royal architecture and casinos.


Brazil Brazil is one of the most admired, pleasant, and hot spots for parties, pretty women beaches, and natural attractions. It is the best destination for those people, who want to enjoy lifetime parties with loved ones.
You will find out the humidity in this country in the month of December. You can enjoy some moments of your life in the sand and water on the beaches.
Rio De Janeiro
Rio De Janeiro was the previous capital city of Brazil. Now, it is the modern city of Cinelandia district, which is the favorite tourist place for tourists. Make your night special with delicious food and drinks.

20. Vietnam

Vietnam Vietnam is one of the most preferred tourist places in all over the world. This pretty place is especially known as “sparks”. It is the perfect combination of unfound spots and things of the lost world and it has lavish accommodations.
In this country, the weather is almost normal during the year, but Southern Vietnam is cool for beach walking.
Hanoi, The Capital City
Hanoi, the Capital City of Vietnam is a place where mighty Bach Ma temple locates with neoclassic Hanoi opera house and loud and cool Dong Xuan Market.
Mountain Climbing, Floating Villages and Oldest Cities
Sa Pa, Ha Long Bay, and Hoi An are the finest three places to visit here. These places are very popular for mountain climbing, waterfalls, trekking, and island visiting made of caves or hovering villages.
Turtles, Rare Animals, and Seafood
Con Dao is a wonderful place where people will see giant turtles. The Cat Tien National park is also popular for wild animals and creatures. Co-To District is another famous place for a tasty seafood place.  

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